Hale Vhalyn

"I was bred for war, darling.
Be it love or chaos.... everything I do is to the death."

General Information

  • Name: Halia'sae Vhenyn

  • Alias: Hale Vhalyn

  • Race: Keeper of the Moon (Miqo'te)

  • Age: 33*

  • Height: 5'10"

  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral*

  • Sexuality: Bisexual - Heavy Male Lean. ---Polyamorous and Polygamous.---

  • Marital Status: Married.

  • Language(s): Common, Doman, Hingan, Sign Language, Xaelic.

  • Occupation(s): Shaman (Private Plotline), Relic/Artefact Seeker, Enchanter, Security at Honey Bee Inn. Advertiser/Entertainer at EDGE. Retired Assassin. *

  • Cities of Residence: Shirogane, The Shroud.*

* - denotes that there's more here than meets the eye.


áƒĶ Spouse || áƒŧ Fiance || ♡ Mate || ∞ Life Partner
🟂 Partner/Lover || áĻ Family || 🟈 Crush
âĻģ Dating || † Estranged || ◈ Friend || ‡ Foe
⚘ Likes || ⚔ Dislikes || â€― Complicated

Zekh'ir Vhalyn

áƒĶ áĻ ⚘

Fate Lhas

♡ áĻ ⚘

Xelah Jakkya

🟂 âĻģ ⚘

Ramiel Saifionne

◈ ⚘

Les'ser Banished

◈ ⚘

Cohno'ra Vukoja

◈ ⚘

OOC Information

  • Hale is as he is and he reacts how he reacts. If you have a difficult time with characters that may be antagonistic for varying reasons, DO NOT INTERACT WITH HALE. You have been warned. How Hale reacts is not meant to be a jab at anyone or anything OOCly. Please do not bleed.

  • Hale is on the Crystal Data Center (Balmung).

  • The player is over the age of 21.

  • IC does not equal OOC. Do not bleed/blend. The minute you even HINT at this or become overbearing/demanding - I will pull Hale from any and all future RP's with you.

  • I am open to most RP, including mature themes - just make sure to reach out and communicate.

  • I will not RP any mature theme with anyone who is under the age of 18. I also do not RP illegal themes such as underage themes, or rape.

  • I am NOT looking for anything OOC besides friendship! Please do not hint at or suggest any other type of relationship!

  • If you would like to contact me because you think our characters would vibe, I can be reached at Hale#8718 on Discord.

About ERP

Yes, I ERP. le gasp OH NO!Look, I believe that just like anything else, sex is a part of life and that it can be weaved into RP. While it's not my primary focus, it is healthy and natural for a character just like it is for a human being.Don't worry, I don't force people to ERP. You do not have to ERP to RP with me. I can RP PG-13 themes and FTB just as well as anything else.Just know that I expect communication between both players behind the character and I expect you to be mature about it. Thanks!